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Atlantic Industries Limited
Infiltrator Systems Inc.

Atlantic Industries Limited (AIL) has a long history of creating innovative solutions in corrugated steel. Since 1965, AIL has been engineering high quality, durable corrugated steel products for major industries like transportation, hydro, mining and forestry. Our solutions come in a variety of sizes, ranging from culverts and sewers to tunnels, bridges, underpasses and stream enclosures.


Armtec is a manufacturer of corrugated steel pipe, corrugated high-density polyethylene pipe for drainage and storm sewer applications and also manufactures steel products for use in bridges, tunnels and soil retention systems.


Infiltrator Systems Inc. (ISI) is the world’s leading manufacturer of plastic leachfield drainage chambers for environmental onsite wastewater solutions. Our chambers, a direct replacement for stone and pipe leachfields, have revolutionized the septic industry. They provide cost-effective, efficient methods for handling residential and commercial wastewater.